Xiangrong Wang

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Xiangrong Wang Ph.D
Fudan University, Shanghai, China




Prof. Xiangrong Wang is currently the director and professor of the Centre for Urban Eco-Planning & Design, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering of Fudan University in Shanghai China, and the President of Shanghai Ecological Society, the Deputy Chairman of Urban Ecological Commission of Ecological Society of China. In addition, he is a member of Shanghai Senate, a member of Shanghai Municipal Sci. & Tech. Commission, the Chair of Environmental Science and Greening Division of Shanghai Municipal Construction Commission, expert of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Xingjiang Planning Expert Commission, and editorial members of some academic journals, such as Acta Ecological Sinica, Journal of Ecology, Journal of Chinese Eco-Agriculture, Journal of Environmental Science & Technology, etc, and reviewers of some International Journals, i.e. Landscape and Urban Planning, Journal of Environmental Management, Ecological Complexity, etc. He currently focuses on his research in the areas of Urban Ecology & Planning, Global Change and Urban Ecosystem Research, Environmental Policy and Management, Vegetation Ecology and Natural Conservation, and Environmental Assessment & Planning. He also serves as a regional vice-chair of East Asia, the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication and a Steering member of INTECOL Association.

He was a Fulbright Scholar of America and a visiting professor in the Dept. of Biology, State University of New York at New Paltz,USA,and Bard Centre for Environmental Policy, Bard College, USA in 2004-2005, a visiting professor in the Department of Civic Design, the University of Liverpool, UK in 1994-1996, and honour professor in the Research Centre of Ecological Environment, Academy of China. Up to now, he has carried out about 80 research projects and published 19 scholarly books and 130 academic papers both domestic and abroad, and got 6 Chinese national patents, as well as many scientific prizes.

Research Interests/Expertise: urban ecology and landscape ecology; environmental assessment and planning; ecological planning and design; environmental policy and management; sustainable development research; industrial ecology; eco-city studies; vegetation ecology and open space design