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Postdoctoral Fellowship – Geospatial Approaches to Planetary Urbanization

School of Natural Resources and Environment
The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

The University of Michigan announces one post-doctoral research opportunity, beginning August 2016 and focusing on urban GIS broadly-conceived. The successful applicant will work on a project to develop a dynamic GIS-based approach to map urban-distal resource linkages or ‘teleconnections.’ Resource flows of particular interest include water, wood, and food. The postdoctoral researcher will work in the Urban Sustainability Research Group (http://urbansustainability.snre.umich.edu/) under the guidance of Joshua Newell (Assistant Professor).  Continue reading

Viewpoints: Top Ten Most Viewed Articles of 2015

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  1. Dana Boyer, Stefanie Brodie, Joshua Sperling, Eleanor Stokes & Alisa Zomer | Implementing the Urban Sustainable Development Goal in Atlanta and Delhi
  2. Federico Caprotti | Building the smart city: Moving beyond the critiques 
  3. Alexander Aylett | Green cities and smart cities: The potential and pitfalls of digitally-enabled green urbanism
  4. Chiara Certoma and Francesco Rizzi | Smart cities for smart citizens: Enabling urban transitions through crowdsourcing
  5. Patricia Romero-Lankao and Daniel Gnatz | Do cities have the institutional capacity to address climate change?
  6. Harini Nagendra | Ecologically-smart cities: Keeping urban ecosystems centre stage in India’s Smart Cities programme
  7. Emma Arnold and Karen O’Brien | The Art of Urban Transformations
  8. Olivia Bina and Andrea Ricci | Building scenarios for sustainable urbanisation: Balancing ‘can’, ‘need’ & ‘want’ 
  9. Andres Luque-Ayala | Urbanization and global environmental change: A matter of politics?
  10. Tracey Holloway | What’s next for air quality in the United States?

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