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Mistra Urban Futures 2016 Conference

Mistra 2016 Conference LogoRealising Just Cities – Co-production in Action 

When: September 19-20
Optional Workshops – September 21
Location: Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

Mistra Urban Futures welcomes you to the conference, entitled Realising Just Cities – Co-production in Action. The conference addresses the emerging field of trans-disciplinary co-produced knowledge and research for sustainable and just urban transformations. The principal research activities of Mistra Urban Futures, with its five local interaction platforms, form a point of departure for the conference.

The conference programme will reflect the trans-disciplinary research ethos of Mistra Urban Futures, and the invited speakers will contribute academic and non-academic perspectives on co-production research methodologies and experience.

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IHDP Summary for Decision-Makers: Coastal Zones and Urbanization



The last IHDP publication has finally been published! The Summary for Decision-Makers: Coastal Zones and Urbanization, was written as a collaboration between UGEC and LOICZ (now Future Earth – Coasts). Authors include UGEC Executive Officer Corrie Griffith, UGEC SSC Member Darryn McEvoy, and UGEC Project Associates Andrea Lampis, Mark Pelling, and Debra Roberts. Click the cover image to download the PDF.