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Call for Proposals: Fourth Annual Yale Foods Systems Symposium

Fourth Annual Yale Food Systems Symposium
Feeding a growing world – Perspectives in 2016 
Yale University, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
September 30, 2016
Request for Proposals

Deadline: July 15, 2016

Half a century out from the Green Revolution, our food system is as technologically advanced as ever. Yet our innovations have presented long-term sustainability challenges, while both global hunger and obesity persist. We are now faced with the question of where to go from here–with the knowledge and technology we have obtained and challenges before us, what approaches do we take to feed the world in a manner that is sustainable for both the population and the planet? Continue reading

Future Earth Call for African Regional Offices

FEThe Future Earth Secretariat has today released a call for proposals to establish Regional Offices for Future Earth in Africa.  This call follows the establishment of Future Earth Global Hubs and Regional Centres in many other regions of the world.

In light of the urgency of establishing a Future Earth presence in Africa, Regional Offices are intended to provide a foundation for the later creation of a Regional Centre for Africa at one of the offices.

A Selection Committee consisting of representatives of the African Future Earth Committee (AFEC), Future Earth Science and Engagement Committees and Secretariat and an independent external representative of the African Science Community is being established. The Committee intends to complete the selection process by December 2015.

The deadline for submission of proposals is October 28th 2015.

Download background document and template for proposals:

In English
En français

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research – Call for Proposals

APN Anniv Logo-c-h

The APN invites proposals under two separate programmes, the Collaborative Regional Research Programme (CRRP) and the CAPaBLE Programme, for funding from June 2016, and is able to provide a limited amount of financial support for regional collaborative research and capacity development activities that fall within its areas of interest.

APN Action Agenda

Research Agenda

APN fosters the understanding of global environmental change by conducting regional research through collaboration and capacity development. APN’s activities promote research that improves understanding of the physical, biological and human dimensions of change in the Earth system and advances science that informs decision-making regarding adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development in the following specific areas:

  • Climate Change and Climate Variability;
  • Biodiversity and Ecosystems;
  • Changes in the Atmospheric, Terrestrial and Marine Domains;
  • Resources Utilisation and Pathways for Sustainable Development; and
  • Risk Reduction and Resilience.

The above themes are interrelated and involve the interface of natural, social, behavioural, economic and political sciences. In the 4th Strategic Phase (2015-2020), APN will increasingly emphasise this interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach in addressing regional issues. APN will also continue to support research on thematic issues, such as climate adaptation, low carbon approaches, and biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Capacity Development Agenda

In addition to supporting capacity development under its research agenda, APN also has a focus Capacity Development Agenda (CAPaBLE). CAPaBLE is enhancing scientific capacity to improve decision-making related to global change and sustainability. This includes capacity development for early-career scientists and capacity enhancement for experience leading scientists in developing countries.

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