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Viewpoints: The effectiveness of early warning systems in the management of urban flooding in Nigeria

shutterstock_85213525Felix Olorunfemi, Femi Olokesusi & Andrew Onwuemele
Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research, Nigeria

Nigeria is a disaster-prone country. The frequency and intensity of disasters arising from extreme weather events, especially floods, have increased significantly in recent years (NEMA, 2013; Olokesusi et al., 2015; Gbadegesin et al., 2011 & Olorunfemi, 2008). In the last five years, Nigeria has been affected by several extreme flood events, which have resulted in devastation and economic damages worth billions of dollars. The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) disclosed that the comprehensive Post Disaster Needs Assessment conducted from November 2012 to March 2013 put the estimated combined value of damages and losses resulting from the 2012 flood disaster at $16.9bn. The disaster, which resulted in 363 deaths, affected seven million people, displaced 2.3 million others and damaged 597,476 houses (NEMA, 2013).

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