Shobhakar Dhakal



Shobhakar Dhakal Ph.D
Asian Institute of Technology



Shobhakar Dhakal is an Associate Professor at Energy Field of Study of the School of Environment, Resources and Development of the Asian Institute of Technology. His areas of research and teaching are the quantification and modeling of the direct and indirect energy and carbon flows in urban areas, low carbon city scenarios, cities’ energy, and climate-mitigation policy analyses and cross-comparative case studies. He is also a guest research scholar at International Institute for Applied System Analyses in. Dr. Dhakal is currently serving as one of the Coordinating Lead Authors of the Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC for the Working Group III dealing with the human settlements and the climate change mitigation. He have served as one of the lead authors of the Global Energy Assessment, member of the Consensus Panel on Low Carbon Cities of the Academy of Sciences of South Africa, member of the Cities Energy Modeling Group of the International Energy Agency, an international expert to the Taskforce on Urban Development and Energy Efficiency of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, among others. He was an Executive Director of the Global Carbon Project’s office in Japan that was hosted by National Institute for Environmental Studies (2006-2012) and a Senior Policy Researcher and Project Manager at Institute for Global Environmental Strategies in Japan (2000-2006) in the past.

Research Interests/Expertise: carbon management and carbon cycle analyses, and carbon flows in cities, particularly China; urban sustainability, particulary the complex interplay of urbanization, mobility, energy and environment and their policy linkages in selected Asian cities

Selected Publications

Rosenzweig, C., Solecki, W., Romero-Lankao, P., Dhakal, S., Bowman, T., & Ali Ibrahim, S. (2015). ARC3.2 Summary for City Leaders. New York: Urban Climate Change Research Network. Retrieved from: 

Shrestha, S., Parajuli, K., Babel, M.S., Dhakal, S. & Shinde, V. (2015). Water-energy-carbon nexus: A case study of Bangkok. Water Science and Technology-Water Supply, 15(5), pp. 889 – 897. doi: 10.2166/ws.2015.046

Hammer, S.A., Keirstead, J., Dhakal, S., Mitchell, J., Colley, M., Connell, R., Gonzalez, R., Herve-Mignucci, M., Parshall, L., Schulz, N., & Hyams, M. (2011). Climate change and urban energy systems. In C. Rosenzweig,W.D. Solecki, S.A. Hammer, & S. Mehrotra (Eds.). Climate Change and Cities: First Assessment Report of the Urban Climate Change Research Network (ARC3). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Retrieved from