Working Paper Series

The UGEC International Working Paper Series

Between 2007 and 2008, UGEC ran a working paper series. Here you can find the papers that were published under that series:

Number Date Text Author(s) Title
07-01 March 2007 Full Text David Simon Global change and urban risk: the challenge for African cities
07-02 April 2007 Full Text Susan Parnell, David Simon and Coleen Vogel Global environmental change – conceptualising the challenge for cities in poor countries
07-03 August 2007 Full Text Peter Marcotullio, Niels B. Schulz Urbanization, increasing wealth and energy transitions: comparing experiences between the USA, Japan and rapidly developing Asia Pacific economies
07-04 October 2007 Full Text Michail Fragkias Institutional responses of cities to global environmental change
07-05 December 2007 Full Text Prakash C. Tiwari Urbanization and Environmental Changes in Himalaya: A Study of the Lake Region of District Nainital in Kumaon Himalaya, India
08-01 July 2008 Full Text David Simon When Do You See It? The Challenges of Global Environmental Change for Urban Africa