Report No. 6
Land Teleconnections in an Urbanizing World
UGEC/GLP joint workshop report, 2012
Fragkias, M., Langanke, T., et al.

Report No. 5
Urban Remote Sensing and Urban Growth Forecasting
Report from the jointly held workshops at Arizona State University, April 2011
Griffith, C. (ed.)

Report No. 4
The Green Economy and the Prosperity of Cities
UGEC-led report, UN-HABITAT Background Paper for the State of World Cities Report 2012/3, August 2011.
Simon, D., et al.

Report No. 3
The Dynamic Relationships between Cities and Global Environmental Change
Report for the ‘Urban Researchers’ Roundtable on Cities and Climate Change’, WUF4, Nanjing, November 5, 2008
Simon, D., Fragkias, M.

Report No. 2
Climate Change Resilience in an Urbanizing Western Africa (English Version) (French Version)
UGEC-sponsored Workshop Report, Dakar, Senegal February 22, 2008
Gueye, C., Simon, D., et al.

Report No. 1
Urban Responses to Climate Change: A View of the Americas
UGEC-sponsored Workshop Report, New York City September 26-27, 2007
Sanchez-Rodriguez, R., Solecki, W., Fragkias, M., et al.UGEC

Other Short Reports and Briefs

Reflections on the World Urban Forum 5: The Right to the City – Bridging the Urban Divide Rio de Janeiro, Brazil March 22-26, 2010.

International Forum of GEC and Land Use Change in Peri-Urban Areas: Dialogue and Experiences of Asian Cities
Taipei, Taiwan November 29, 2008. Presentations:

Keynote – Karen Seto
Keynote – Ian Douglas
Presentation – Shu-Li Huang
Presentation – Michael Leaf
Presentation – Peter Marcotullio
Presentation – Wang Xiangrong
Presentation – Ooi Giok Ling and Kog Yue Choong
Presentation – Cheng-Min Feng
Presentation – William Budd

World Urban Forum 4 (WUF4): Harmonious Urbanisation
Nanjing, China November 3-6, 2008.