Michail Fragkias and Karen Seto in ‘Is the world running out of space? Rachel Nuwer, BBC News. September 01, 2015

Karen Seto on the Century of urbanization, interview with WGBH News. February 22, 2013

‘Gigalopolises: Urban land area may triple by 2030,’ posted on the Scientific American Web site. September 18, 2012

Karen Seto, UGEC SSC co-chair, and Michail Fragkias, previous UGEC Executive Officer were featured at the 2012 Planet under Pressure conference in London, UK in the following: MSNBC World News report ‘World’s cities to expand by more than twice the size of Texas by 2030′ and Planet under Pressure statement on cities, ‘Cities expand by area equal to France, Germany and Spain combined in less than 20 years’ March 27, 2012

Karen Seto on the Environmental impact of expanding cities [Part One], & [Part Two] interview with the New Security Beat, the Wilson Center blog of the Environmental Change and Security Program.  September 01, 2011

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) launches the World Development Report (WDR) 2010: Development and Climate Change and discusses three main themes: (i) What does climate change mean for development? (ii) What does development mean for climate change? (iii) What does this mean for policy? Click on the link to download audio and video coverage. September 14, 2009

The world’s cities: Mapping urban growth in developing countries Hosted by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, UGEC co-chair Dr. Karen Seto discusses changes in urban land-use patterns and identifies both the gaps and opportunities for future research on urban land use. Click here to view her presentation. August 26, 2009

DFG Science TV Follow the megacity research of Project Associate, Frauke Kraas in these 12 three-minute videos.