Prakash Tiwari





Prakash C. Tiwari Ph.D
Kumaon University, Nainital, India



For the last several years I have been studying the ecological, economic and social impacts of rapid urbanizations in high mountain ecosystems, and supervising doctoral as well post-doctoral research in these areas. Currently, I am supervising a multinational major research project funded by Asia Pacific Network (APN) on ‘Analysis of Urban Land-Use Changes and their Impacts on Food Security in Different Asian Cities of Four Developing Countries Using Modified CA Model’. Currently, I am working as Coordinator of Livelihood & Food Security Division of Uttarakhand Centre for Climate Change Research (UCCC), in India, and acting as scientific convener of the ‘International Synthesis Workshop’ on ‘Urban Growth and Management of its Natural and Socio-economic Risks in High Mountain Ecosystems’ of Mountain Research Initiative (MRI). I have had the opportunity of publishing outcomes of these works in international journals and monographs, including UGEC publications and made presentations in international meetings (including recent open conferences of UGEC, IHDP, GLP, APN, MRI, ESSP, START, MAIRS etc.) from time to time.

Research Interests/Expertise: climate change adaptation; land use changes; urbanization; livelihood and food security; natural risk and disaster management in mountain ecosystems

Selected Publications

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