Third Scoping Meeting – Phoenix


shutterstock_262869137On February 15 – 16, 2016, the Urbanization and Global Environmental Change Project held the second Livable Urban Futures meeting at Arizona State University’s Downtown Campus.  It was a continuation of activities begun at the first meeting in Boulder, Colorado, USA in March 2015.  Members of the Future Earth Urban Platform (FEUP) core group and other international researchers were on hand to discuss and build upon two of the FEUP Initial Research Activities (see page 12-13 of FEUP Design Draft [pdf] for more details): Urbanization, Food-Energy-Water Systems and Extreme Hazard Risks (UNMASK, formerly Adapting Cities to Climate Extremes and Variability) and Alternative Urban Futures.  The meeting was led by James Goldstein, Corrie Griffith, Patricia Romero-Lankao, and David Simon.  Click here to read the concept note.

Workshop participants are currently working toward developing these research activities for future funding opportunities.


Rimjhim Aggarwal – Arizona State University
Christopher Boone – Arizona State University
Antje Bruns – Trier University
Debra Davidson – University of Alberta
Xiangzheng Deng – Chinese Academy of Sciences
Patricia Gober – Arizona State University
James Goldstein – Communitas Coalition
Corrie Griffith – UGEC
David Iwaniec – Arizona State University
Timon McPhearson – The New School
Marcus Moench – ISET
Jon Padgham – START
John Robinson – University of Toronto
Patricia Romero-Lankao – National Center for Atmospheric Research
David Simon – Mistra Urban Futures & Royal Holloway, University of London
Joshua Sperling – National Center for Atmospheric Research
Alyson Surveyer – Future Earth
Mark Watkins – UGEC
Qian Zhang – Chinese Academy of Sciences