First Scoping Meeting – London


In February 2014, UGEC held a scoping meeting on a new urban research initiative at Royal Holloway, University of London in Egham, UK.



Christopher Boone – Arizona State University
Xiangzheng Deng – Chinese Academy of Sciences
Christopher Gordon – University of Ghana
Corrie Griffith – UGEC
Cheikh Gueye – Enda Tiers Monde
Kevin Gurney – Arizona State University
Shu-Li Huang – National Taipei University
Sari Kovats – London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Shuaib Lwasa – Makerere University
Peter Marcotullio – Hunter College, City University of New York
Darryn McEvoy – RMIT University
Gordon McGranahan – IIED
Megan Melamed – IGAC
Chantal Pacteau – Paris Consortium Climate-Environment-Society
Susan Parnell – University of Cape Town
Mark Pelling – King’s College, University of London
Anu Ramaswami – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Patricia Romero Lankao – National Center for Atmospheric Research
Roberto Sanchez-Rodriguez – Colegio de la Frontera Norte
Heike Schroeder – University of East Anglia
Karen Seto – Yale University
David Simon – Royal Holloway, University of London
Vladimir Stenek – International Finance Corporation
Pablo Suarez – International Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre
Raf Tuts – UN Habitat
Mark Watkins – UGEC


UGEC Scoping Meeting Concept Note

Synthesis of Online Survey: “A New Urban Initiative”

Urban Futures within Future Earth Draft Working Paper