H.S. Sudhira



H.S. Sudhira Ph.D
Gubbi Labs, Bangalore, India



H.S. Sudhira has a PhD from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. His research interest centres on how towns and cities evolve. He has been publishing scientific research articles(link is external) for a while now. His research has been primarily on land-use and land cover change studies exploring their consequences on environmental sustainability and understanding their inter-relationships with resources and transportation. His broader research addresses the evolution and growth of towns and cities invoking complexity sciences, understanding planning practices and studying the effect of governance. He was a faculty member at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements. Earlier, he had a stint with the Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Govt. of Karnataka as Land-use and Transportation Specialist. He is a bird-watcher and volunteers for India Literacy Project(link is external) (ILP). Currently, he is the Director of Gubbi Labs.

Research Interests/Expertise: urban land-use and land cover change; environmental sustainability and transportation; city planning practices, urban governance structures