Sustainable Land-use in an Urbanizing World

Sustainable Land-use in an Urbanizing World

June 27-29, 2011 | Copenhagen, Denmark

This GLP/UGEC joint report is based on a workshop with the title “Sustainable
Land-use in an Urbanizing World”, which was funded through the Global Land
Project (GLP) – hosted and organized through the previous International Project
Office in Copenhagen, Denmark – and the Urbanization and Global Environmental
Change (UGEC) project. The workshop was held in Copenhagen, Denmark on the
27-29th June 2011. In an effort aimed towards advancing the connectivity of land
science and sustainability science, members of the GLP and the UGEC communities
formulated new analytical frameworks for the study of land that explicitly
incorporate urban and urban-rural dynamics. Very importantly, the workshop
participants developed the concept of urban land teleconnections, bridging land
change science with sustainability science, which resulted in a journal article
publication in PNAS (Seto et al., 2012). The land research community has
historically focused on rural and frontier landscapes, with relatively little attention
on urbanization or the rural-urban connections across time and space. Many of the
current analytical frameworks take a negative view of urbanization and its impact on
land. However, urbanization can also present opportunities for increased efficiency
of land and resource use, and yet there is no conceptual framework that fully
addresses the linkages and bi-directionalities between urban and non-urban uses of

Organizers: Global Land Project IPO and UGEC IPO
Sponsors: GLP and UGEC


Seto, K.C., Reenberg, A., Boone, C.G, Fragkias, M., Haase, D., Langanke, T., Marcotullio, P., Munroe, D.K., Olah, B., & Simon, D. (2012). Urban land teleconnections and sustainability. PNAS, 109(20), pp. 7687-7692. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1117622109

UGEC Report No. 6: Land teleconnections in an urbanizing world: A workshop report