New Typologies of Urbanization in the Context of Global Change

New Typologies of Urbanization in the Context of Global Change

January 26-28, 2012 | New York City, NY USA

The primary goal of the typologies workshop is to develop a typology of urban areas and urbanization that can be used to compare and contrast places and processes in the context of climate change. However, the typologies need to be sufficiently flexible in nature such that they could be used for other global change topics such as ecosystem services or sustainability assessments. The workshop participants are developing a working paper that will be the basis of a peer-reviewed publication for a high profile journal. This working paper and eventual peer-reviewed publication will be co-authored by all the participants of the workshop and be the basis of the second workshop to be held at the World Bank.

Organizers: UGEC and Hunter College CUNY, NYC
Partners: UGEC, The World Bank
Funding: National Science Foundation

Read articles authored by workshop participants and a summary of findings of the two jointly-held workshops written by Libby Wentz, Karen Seto, Soe Myint, Maik Netzband and Michail Fragkias in the Special Section of the 6th Issue of UGEC Viewpoints, Addressing Grand Challenges for Global Sustainability: Monitoring, Forecasting, and Governance of Urban Systems.


Solecki, W., Seto, K.C., Balk, D., Bigio, A., Boone, C.G., Creutzig, F., Fragkias, M., Lwasa, S., Marcotullio, P.,Romero-Lankao, P., & Zwickel, T. (2015). A conceptual framework for an urban areas typology to integrate climate change mitigation and adaptation, Urban Climate, 14, pp. 116-137. doi: 10.1016/j.uclim.2015.07.001