International Forum of GEC and Land Use Change in Peri-Urban Area

International Forum of GEC and Land Use Change in Peri-Urban Area: Dialogue and Experience of Asian Cities

November 29 – December 2, 2008 | Taipei, Taiwan

The conference is a dissemination event of PU-GEC Project, which will take place in Taipei, November 29 2008, at the National Taipei University. The primary focus of PU-GEC project is to frame the relationships between land use change in peri-urban areas with the global environmental change issues. One of the goals of the project is to present experiences in Asian communities. This event will provide an opportunity to bring together research findings on peri-urban issues in Asian cities from a variety of perspectives.The event is organized and divided into three parts.

The Forum is organized into a one day conference. Prof. Ian Douglas and Prof. Karen Seto are invited to deliver keynote speeches for the forum. Prof. Seto is currently the chair of Scientific Steering Committee of Urbanization and Global Environmental Change (UGEC) project of IHDP. Prof.  Douglas has Chaired the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Peri-Urban Environmental Change (PU-ECH) project of SCOPE. The research findings from the first year of PU-GEC project and experience from other Asian cities will also be presented by the project PI and collaborators. The workshop on Ecological Development of Chinese Coastal Cities to be held after the field trip is an extension project on Comparative Study on Ecological Development of Chinese Coastal Cities by Prof. Wang Rusong, which is a part of the SCOPE project of Ecopolis development to meet the challenge of global environmental change. The workshop is mainly for delegates from various coastal cities of China. The conference is targeted mainly to the scientific community in the field of spatial planning and resource management and anyone interested in understanding the relationship between peri-urbanization and issues of global environmental change, but also to experts from planning agencies with interest in or in charge of land use planning and controls in peri-urban areas. Paper presentations are for invited speakers only.

Organizers: PU-GEC Project (a project endorsed by UGEC; UGEC SSC co-chair Karen Seto, UGEC IPO – Michail Fragkias
Partners: Environnement et Developpement du Tiers Monde (Enda-tm), Dakar, Senegal, UN-Habitat, IHDP, Global Institute of Sustainability


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