IAI-ECLAC Training Institute on Urban Responses to Climate Change

IAI-ECLAC Training Institute on Urban Responses to Climate Change: Politics, Strategies and Instruments for Latin America and the Caribbean

November 1-6, 2010 | Santiago de Chile

Thirty seven professionals from 15 countries attended the workshop. The main goal was to expand the knowledge and understanding of how urban areas are driving but also may respond to climate change and integrate those responses with their current and future urban development. These responses are fundamental to guide short and long-term socioeconomic and urban development coherent with the sustainability of the region. Participants of the training workshop included practitioners working on urban and environmental planning, decision-makers formulating urban growth policies and scientists working on urban and climate issues. Many of them came from ministries of the environment, municipal and regional governments, universities, research centers, as well as international organizations, development banks and technical cooperation agencies. The training institute had three interactive components: lectures, discussion sessions, and exercises. Themes and topics addressed included: climate variability, climate change and urbanization; social and urban vulnerability to climate change; mitigation of climate change; adaptation to climate change; and specific topics covering water, health, urban climate, sustainable infrastructure, ecological services, institutional change and urban planning, poverty, informal urban growth and vulnerability, and the role of international organizations, and research methods.OutcomesIAI and ECLAC are discussing the development of a publication for policy makers as an output of the Training Institute

Organizers: Roberto Sanchez-Rodriguez, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Mexico and University of California, Riverside, USA; Ricardo Jordan, Oficial de Asuntos Económicos (Economic Affairs Officer) División de Desarrollo Sostenible y Asentamientos Humanos (Sustainable Development and Human Settlements Division) CEPAL. Naciones Unidas / ECLAC United Nations

Partners: Inter American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI), the U.N. Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbean (ECLAC) and the Spanish Government Ministers Council, UGEC Project

Funding: IAI and UN-ECLAC