Andrea Lampis

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Andrea Lampis Ph.D
National University of Colombia, Bogota, Colombia



Andrea Lampis is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology of the National University of Colombia. His work focuses on the intersection between global risks and local vulnerabilities. Over the last 15 years he worked and researched in Colombia developing three research lines that overlap in their interest for vulnerability dynamics across scales : i) Politics and practices of adaptation of low-income groups and cities to global environmental change ; ii) poverty dynamics and social protection in Latin America and iii) social vulnerability, disaster and risk in urban areas. At present he coordinates a working group of the Latin-American Social Science Council (CLACSO): Global Environmental Change, Climate Change , Social Movements and Public Policy, in which 29 researchers from 10 Latin-American countries actively participate. During 2011 he coordinated the drafting of the conceptual framework for the National Plan of Adaptation to Climate Change for the Colombian Government. Research wise he is collaborating on a four-year project (2013-2015) with the Institute of Environmental Studies (IDEA) of the National University of Colombia in Medellín. With IDEA he is developing a conceptual and methodological framework for the analysis of the interaction between rural social vulnerability dynamics and local climate variability entailing the loss of ecosystem services in the watershed of Río Grande in the Valle de Aburrá, Department of Antioquia (Colombia).

Research Interests/Expertise: institutional adaptation to climate change; low-income groups’ vulnerability and adaptation to global environmental change; poverty dynamics and social protection; vulnerability conceptualization and measurement across scales

Selected Publications

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