Mission and Objectives



The Urbanization and Global Environmental Change (UGEC) project sought to better our understanding of the regional and global implications of urbanization and the complex dynamic systems of urban areas that affect and are affected by global environmental change. The project fostered dialogue and collaboration on major research and societal needs on how cities can be (re)built in ways that best respond to the constraints and opportunities of global environmental change processes.


  • Foster trans-disciplinary research and develop innovative conceptual and methodological frameworks to expand and improve our knowledge of the interactions between urban areas and global environmental change.  
  • Develop and expand networks of scholars with common geographic or thematic interests in the UGEC field of research.
  • Facilitate the cooperation and exchange of scientific knowledge among researchers, decision-makers, practitioners, and other end-users at the international, national and local levels in urban areas.
  •  Build the capacity of emerging scholars, particularly in developing countries and provide opportunities for their engagement.
  • Strengthen our role as a central node in the network of urban sustainability scientists and practitioners.