UPDATED: Teaching/Research Positions Available at Multiple Locations

[NEW] Boise State University

Assistant Professor, Human-Environment Systems.  Seeking candidates who develop and apply innovative strategies to describe, understand, and predict the dynamics of human-environment systems, including but not limited to, agent-based, dynamical, process-based and geostatistical modeling, and other innovative techniques for integrating models and data. (LINK)
Deadline: October 15, 2016

University of Colorado – Boulder

Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies Program. Focus on Natural Resources Policy and Governance. (LINK)
Deadline: October 15, 2016

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography/International Affairs Program. Looking for an Urban Geographer with focus on cities in the Global South. (LINK)
Deadline: October 20, 2016

University of California – Davis

Faculty, Department of Human Ecology – Community and Regional Development Unit, University of California-Davis.  Looking for social scientist whose research focuses on socio-economic development and policy formation in an urbanizing and globalizing environment at the urban and rural-urban interface.  (LINK)
Next application review date: September 16, 2016

[NEW] University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Associate or Assistant Professor in Remote Sensing, with interests in methodology, data analytics, and domain applications of remote sensing.  (LINK)
Deadline: October 21, 2016

Pennsylvania State University

Assistant or Associate Professor, Department of Geography. Focus on environment and society. (LINK)
Review of applications begins October 14, 2016

[NEW] Assistant or Associate Professor, Urban and Stormwater Hydrology (LINK)
Deadline: Open until filled

University of California – Merced:

One or two faculty members (open rank) levels in ecological sciences, environmental, mechanical, or sustainability engineering, or environmental health related fields focused on sustainable agricultural systems.

One or two faculty members (open rank) in systems engineering, environmental management, resource conservation, process modeling, and life-cycle analysis in the context of optimal development and management of agriculture to balance crop production, food processing, community development, ecosystems and human health.

One or two faculty members (open rank) in the humanities, social sciences and related fields, with active interests in sustainable food, water and agricultural systems. (LINK)

Consideration of Applications begins November 1, 2016