Call for Papers: Special Issue on Infrastructure Resilience to Climate Change

Special Issue of the Journal of Infrastructure Systems: “Infrastructure Resilience to Climate Change”

Deadline: June 30, 2016

Submissions are encouraged on all infrastructure systems, including water, power, gas, transportation, and building systems, that take a novel approach to assess infrastructure resilience to climate change. Climate-related events including urban flooding, coastal flooding, heat, precipitation, cold, wind, and drought that impact single or interdependent infrastructure systems are of interest. Article types include: research articles, case studies, and technical notes. Articles on all aspects of infrastructure resilience are welcome, including the following themes:

• infrastructure resilience to extreme events
• adaptation to climate change
• multi-hazard modeling and impact on infrastructure
• cascading failure in infrastructure systems
• network analysis to assess infrastructure resilience
• case studies on resilient infrastructure
• extensive literature review on infrastructure resilience
• frameworks to prepare infrastructure for climate change
• anticipatory planning, decision-making, and governance for infrastructure resilience

For any further information, please contact one of the editors: Sybil Derrible (, Mikhail Chester (, Seth Guikema (